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One More Cup i.e., has been founded on the below principles:

• High Quality Products for our Consumers based on Sustainable & Organic Farming
OMC Organic works with farmers who care for the soil and mother earth. Farmers who are in tune with mother nature and its rhythms using organic farming practices and who dot not use chemicals, pesticides, etc. in any stage of the farming process. We are proud to be on this journey to bring the best organic products from the source to our consumers’ lives, homes and kitchens.

• Farmers and Farming Community Development
OMC Organic strives with integrity for the upliftment of the farmers and farming communities we work with. Farmers provide us food and are our partners in this journey to bring the best quality organic products to our consumers and patrons. We organize regular dialogues, farming community meetings and focus on providing them the best financial remunerations and other support for their kids’ education and overall development.

• Social and Community Development
OMC Organic aspires to be ‘A Force For Good’ by brining best quality organic products for our consumers and giving back a percentage of earned revenue back into the communities we are a part of.
OMC Team regularly volunteers in social initiatives like
◦ Kids education camps – whereby we contribute time and money to Kids in the communities and neighborhoods that need support and assistance.
◦ Cleanliness drives
◦ Blood donation drives
◦ Distribution of food packets and other essentials for those in need

• Nation Building
OMC Organic strives to contribute in Nation Building by focusing on employment creation with emphasis on:
• Women Empowerment: Educate, empower and employ a woman and you educate and empower the whole family.
• Youth Empowerment: Educate and empower and employ the youth by providing opportunities to work and grow.