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Social Initiative and Farmer Community Building

Social Initiative and Farmer Community Building

One More Cup i.e. believes in contributing to the society and community at large including farmers and farming community, women, children and youth.

As part of providing solutions to social problems; promoting social and environmental justice; improving the access to opportunities for deprived or marginalized persons, groups, or communities; enhancing social welfare; and contributing to sustainable development at large- One More Cup Team organizes regular social initiatives and drives for e.g. education camps where we volunteer with our team and financial resources to provide free books, other resources.

Women Empowerment

Although women and girls enjoy greater rights and opportunities today than at any other time in history, gender inequality persists around the world. We know that women and girls’ lives are often limited in the countries and communities that produce tea.

Gender equality is a basic human right. Investing in women, empowers them to fully contribute to society, accelerating social and economic progress. Given that women and girls make up two-thirds of the 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty, part of tackling the issues surrounding poverty must involve addressing gender inequality.

As in many agricultural industries, tea relies on female labor. While women make up most of the workforce they are underrepresented at a senior level, with few opportunities to progress. This puts them at risk of discrimination, exploitation and gender-based violence.

Women’s aspirations are usually limited at home too: they tend to have little say in financial decisions. Women and girls are typically the ones tasked with looking after the family. This unpaid responsibility can take them out of school and curb their potential.

One More Cup / Team goals:

Our mission is to help create a thriving herbal tea sector, and we can achieve this by putting women at the heart of all we do.

We empower women by expanding their ability to make informed, strategic life choices, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to implement these choices, and reducing the barriers that are holding them back. We work to reduce gender-based violence and increase women and their children’s safety at home, as well as in the workplace.

We work to:

1. Improve women’s safety

2. Develop women’s place in the industry, bringing more into leadership positions

3. Support women to have better, more secure, and regular incomes

4. Empower women to have more influence in society

5. Improve women’s health and wellbeing

Our work encourages women to be more independent. As they become champions, these women encourage others to learn from and mirror them. This ripple effect drives long-term, sustainable change for women.

Youth Empowerment

India has a great demographic dividend with the youth population increase and availability of work force – many a times youth at large and technological advancements are at odds. This is due to lack of skill-based opportunities and training facilities available.

One of the major reasons young farmers leave their farms and villages is to provide a regular source of income specially during lean periods or due to seasonal uncertainty.

One More Cup Team aspires to address this youth migration from villages to cities – by providing contract farming opportunities for the organic produce required by One More Cup and . As our patrons and customers support us with their wallet and buying our products – this increases the certainty for OMC Organic to further reward and extend regular contract farming opportunities to the youth and farming communities.

One More Cup Team organizes and engages organic farming camps, whereby we take the training to the villages and the farming community to

  1. Explain the methods and resources for organic farming via expert-led practicing organic farmers - training other farmers

  2. Explain the income and revenue opportunities while being within the villages and support the local organic ecosystem being built

One More Cup dreams of bring income opportunities to more and more farmers and help our farmers and farming communities grow with us.

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